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Venom 3 Now Subtitled The Last Dance – One Can Hope

Venom 3 is now subtitled The Last Dance according to Variety, and one can hope it really is the last dance for this franchise. The Venom threequel will once again star Tom Hardy, who must

Sony’s Amy Pascal Says Miles Morales Live-Action Will Happen Sometime After Next Two Spidey Movies

Sony Pictures Amy Pascal says Miles Morales live-action will happen sometime after the next two Spider-Man movies. However, since that comment it has been clarified that Pascal was referring to the next Tom Holland movie

Madame Web Trailer – Please Stop Sony, It’s Already Dead

So we have the Madame Web trailer and after seeing it I implore you, please stop Sony, it's already dead. As in, Sony's Spider-Man Universe that is. After Oscar winning box office smash Morbius, we

Kraven The Hunter Red Band Trailer – Biggest Comedy Of The Year?

Have you seen the Kraven the Hunter red band trailer yet? You know, the one that's supposed to show why it's R-rated and violent. If not here it is below and there's a big twist.

Spider-Man 4 In Development As Is Live-Action Miles Morales Movie And Animated Spider-Woman

Spider-Man 4 is still in development as is a live-action Miles Morales movie and an animated Spider-Woman. That's what Variety is reporting following chats with various Sony producers at the premiere of Spider-Man: Across the

Selected Spider-Man Movies Coming To Disney+ Today!

Some selected Spider-Man movies are coming to Disney+ today in the US. Disney+ yesterday announced that five Spider-Man movies were coming to Disney + starting today, plus the Venom movie as well. Check it out.

Spider-Man Noir Live-Action Series In Works At Amazon

According to Variety a Spider-Man Noir live-action series is in the works at Amazon. This is the second Sony owned Spider-man project to end up at Amazon. Who knows, there could be more on the

Marvel Had And Still Have Big Plans For Venom Symbiote | Barside Buzz

According to a new rumor, Marvel had big plans for the Venom symbiote in the MCU, until Sony launched the Venom franchise. Though, apparently there are still plans to introduce the black suit for Spider-Man

Sony’s Madame Web Rumored Cast And Characters | Barside Buzz

Tod we are sharing the rumored Madame Web cast and characters. The Cosmic Circus claims to have verified with multiple sources that the following actors and the characters they play are correct. As always with

Sony Making El Muerto Spidey Movie Starring Bad Bunny – Crazy Sony Strikes Back

So as per Deadline, Sony are making an El Muerto Spidey movie starring some dude called Bad Bunny. These are words that I never thought I''d type out and wish I never had. Let's get