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Long Slow Exhale | Tony Gonzalez And Brittney Elena On Their Father Daughter Relationship [Exclusive]

Long Slow Exhale is Spectrum Original's new drama that premiered this week. Here we find a University that has just won the women's basketball national title. Led by their coach J.C. Abernathy. But things quickly

Long Slow Exhale | Rose Rollins Talks With Us About Playing The Troubled J.C. Abernathy [Exclusive]

This week was the release of the new television drama from Spectrum Originals, Long Slow Exhale. It follows the story of J.C. Abernathy, played by Rose Rollins, a woman's college basketball coach that is coming

Angela Black | Joanne Froggatt And Samuel Adewunmi Get Us Ready For Spectrum’s New Psychological Thriller [Exclusive]

Today is the release of Spectrum's new six-episode psychological thriller limited series, Angela Black. When we meet Angela, we see that she is, unfortunately, a victim of domestic violence. But as we get to know

David Alan Grier On His Role In Spectrum’s Joe Pickett and Clifford The Big Red Dog [Exclusive Interview]

In Spectrum’s Joe Pickett, we follow a new game warden played by Michael Dorman. He and his family are going to have to deal with a small town that is on the verge of economic

Josh Hartnett To Star In “Paradise Lost”

If you ever went to the movies in the late 90s and early 2000s then there is a good chance you saw at least one film starring Josh Hartnett (Sin City, Black Hawk Down, Pearl