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‘LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special’ Anakin Still Hates Obi Wan

The LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special will be here in less than two weeks to celebrate Life Day. After 42 years since the original Star Wars Holiday Special we now have a special that will span over

Look Whose Coming Back For The Star Wars Holiday Special

Anyone remember the Star Wars Holiday Special back in 1978? Only real Star Wars fans can actually sit through the 98 minute special with some of the most cringe worthy television in history.  The only

A New Star Wars Holiday Special Is Coming Later This Year

Brace yourselves as today we learn a new holiday special is on the way. USAToday is reporting that The LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special is set to premiere on the Mouse's own streaming service, Disney+ on

Jon Favreau Wants A New Star Wars Holiday Special And Anime Has Something For Everyone | LRMornings

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Star Wars: Jon Favreau Wants To Do A…Holiday Special?

Oh, the Star Wars Holiday Special. It is an event that has gone down in geek infamy. Nothing like caking too much makeup on Mark Hamill, spending way too much time watching an ugly Wookiee