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Stranger Things: How Many Seasons Of The Show Will There Be?

There has been a lot of news about Stranger Things over the last week. We have learned why the second season is presented more like a sequel, the scope of the show's budget, and a

Stranger Things 2: How The Shadow Monster Will Be Different From The Demogorgon

There are many different philosophies when it comes to horror. Some people think that the idea of something is scarier than the actual execution of something is. It’s an approach that’s worked for a lot

Stranger Things 2: The New Monster Gets A Name

The second season of Netflix’s Stranger Things, being cleverly marketed as Stranger Things 2 is just a month away. Fans hope ‘2’ will be bigger and better, along with inevitably being stranger. The first season’s

Stranger Things: Netflix Was Concerned About Treating Season 2 Like A Movie Sequel

For some reason, following up a great film with another great film seems to be a much taller order than a season of TV. Perhaps it has to do with the structural differences of the

Here’s How Much Stranger Things Season 2 Cost To Make

Last year’s Stranger Things was as surprise hit. The Netflix show managed to capture all our hearts with an engaging story and wonderful cast of kids, all while exploiting our infinite desire for ‘80s nostalgia.

Things Are Getting Stranger In New Poster For Stranger Things Season 2

Stranger Things finally returns at the end of October. The "it" show of 2016 (not as in the film IT, though the two are very similar), Stranger Things was a surprise and smashing success for

Stranger Things Gets A Goonies-Inspired Poster

The San Diego ComicCon trailer for second season of Stranger Things has to be one of the best trailers I have seen in a quite a long time. It reemphasized everything that is great about the

Duffers Think Of Stranger Things 2 More Like A Movie Sequel Than Season Of TV

Growing up, I’d always been more of a film fan than TV fan. While TV was great for things like character-building and the occasional long-form story, film was my go-to place for a more satisfying

Stranger Things: Hopper’s Dead Daughter To Be ‘Primary Focus’ Of Season 2

David Harbour’s Chief Hopper in Stranger Things was a surprise character for a lot of fans. When he was initially introduced, I feared he would be the annoying cop who wouldn’t listen to a word

Stranger Things Pays Homage To Another 80s Classic In New Poster

Netflix’s Stranger Things continues to hit us fans with heavy doses of nostalgia as we are treated with another great crossover poster in preparation for the second season premiere this October. The poster comes to