Ashley Soto Paniagua And Dani Adaliz Discuss Unemployed Advice | Chuchi & Adaliz Exclusive

Chuchi And Adaliz made their world premiere at SXSW.  A series that has the stars wearing multiple hats to make it possible. Ashley Soto Paniagua and Dani Adaliz take part as showrunners and co-writer of

Pay or Die | Rachael Dyer and Scott Alexander Ruderman on Health Care Battles for Diabetics – SXSW 2023

The crazy statistic of 37.3 million Americans, or 10 percent of the country, have diabetes in one form or another. At least 3 million must have regular insulin injections to survive. Despite the commonality, most

Art For Everybody | Miranda Yousef on the Real Thomas Kinkade – SXSW 2023

Thomas Kinkade entered many American homes through his well-known art in the 1990s. His beautiful art leaped to the top of the art world, with many people decorating their living rooms. However, Kinkade has his

Periodical | Lina Lyte Plioplyte, Amanda Spain, Madeleine Morales and Anusha Singh on Menstruation Movement – SXSW 2023

For decades in America, society has seen menstruation as a taboo discussion. From period products to sales taxes on female hygiene products, this feminism movement is slowly changing politics and culture, as shown in the

Black Barbie: A Documentary | Lagueria Davis on History of the Other Barbie — SXSW 2023

Most people will associate Mattel’s Barbie with this slim, blonde, blue-eyed plastic doll. However, a different Black Barbie existed for children for many decades that most people didn’t talk about. Director Laguria Davis stumbled across

The Long Game | Cast and Director Address Golfing and IRL People – SXSW 2023

People forgot that Americans were divided drastically by segregation only a few decades ago. The Long Game, the film is based on a remarkable true story of a group of Mexican-American high school students who

Chuchi And Adaliz | Exclusive Clip

Chuchi And Adaliz will be making its world premiere in SXSW this month.  A series that has the stars wearing multiple hats to make it possible. Ashley Soto Paniagua and Dani Adaliz take part as

SXSW 2021 Film Festival: Lily Topples the World Review

Lily Topples the World is the story of domino artist Lily Hevesh. From the age of 9, Lily was demonstrating her creative gifts with beautiful and elaborate displays of kinetic art using colorful dominos as

SXSW 2021 Film Festival: Clerk Review

Clerk is the story of Kevin Smith, creator of films like Clerks, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, and Dogma, among many others. The documentary from writer/director Malcom Ingram (Small Town Gay Bar) combines Smith’s

Check Out The First Social Media Reactions To Pet Sematary

Hollywood loves money. Who doesn't? It is this love of money that has Hollywood making reboots, remakes, franchise-altering sequels (think last year's Halloween), and reimaginings. Why spend time, effort, and money coming up with original