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Star Wars: Skeleton Crew Rumored To Be Delayed Till 2024 | Barside Buzz

According to the latest Buzz, Star Wars: Skeleton Crew is rumored to be delayed until 2024. No official date was ever set for Skeleton Crew on Disney+. However, the show was showcased as being set

New Rumor Suggest Star Wars Series The Acolyte Release Date

In the midst of anticipation for the highly-anticipated series "The Acolyte," created by Leslye Headland, Star Wars fans have been eagerly awaiting news of its release date. While specifics have been kept under wraps, a

No! The Acolyte Is Not Cancelled And No! Leslye Headland Is Not Fired – Wake Up

I don't know if you've seen the latest batch of completely made up Star Wars rumors? However, let's just be honest here. No, The Acolyte is not cancelled and no, Leslye Headland isn't fired. Yet,

The Acolyte Won’t Shy Away From Criticizing The Jedi Says Showrunner

Showrunner Leslye Headland says The Acolyte won't shy away from criticizing the Jedi. Speaking with Collider post SWC, Headland warned fans that in order to tell this story she has to show the flaws in

Star Wars: Expanse Actor Joins Ahsoka Plus Character Descriptions For The Acolyte

Check out the latest Star Wars news as The Expanse actor joins Ahsoka, plus some character descriptions for The Acolyte. We shall start with the news from Deadline that Expanse actor Wes Chatham joins Ahsoka

Jodie Turner-Smith On Joining The Acolyte And Walking Onto A Star Wars Set

Some comments from actor Jodie Turner-Smith on joining The Acolyte and her excitement at walking onto a Star Wars set for the first time. Turner-Smith was announced as one of the cast members of The

Star Wars: The Acolyte Set To Run For Several Seasons

This isn't exactly surprising, but it has become evident over the last few days that Star Wars: The Acolyte is set to run for several seasons. This was something I'm guessing most of us suspected

Kogonada Rumored To Direct Episodes Of Star Wars: The Acolyte | Barside Buzz

It looks like Star Wars is about to get a bit artsy as filmmaker Kogonada is rumored to direct some episodes of Star Wars: The Acolyte. I've heard of Kogonada (After Yang, Pachinko) but have

Star Wars: The Acolyte And Andor Season 2 Set Photos Appear Online

Some Star Wars news folks as both The Acolyte and Andor Season 2 set photos appear online. By far the more interesting (so far) of these images are from The Acolyte. I don't have permission

Dafne Keen Teases Plot Details For The Acolyte

Dafne Keen teases plot details for The Acolyte in a recent interview promoting His Dark Materials Season 3. Keen, the lead star of HDM also has a large part (not lead) in Star Wars: The