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Hunger Games Prequel Makes A Killing In Spite Of COVID-19 Pandemic

The Hunger Games prequel novel is killing it. As the Hunger Games novels and films have proven, child-killing, oppressive governments, and war sell pretty well. It was a trilogy that launched countless imitators and brought a

Yup, The Latest Hunger Games Book Is Getting Big-Screen Treatment, And Some Familiar Talent Is Returning

Count no one surprised. When it was first announced that The Hunger Games would be getting a prequel novel, it was paired with the news that Lionsgate would be making a film as well. In

New Hunger Games Book Trailer And Synopsis Get Readers Pumped For President Snow Story

The Hunger Games author Suzanne Collins really surprised fans. We knew that should we be doing a prequel series of sorts, but no one knew she would be telling a President Snow story. To actually

Hunger Games Prequel Novel To Follow A Young President Snow As The Hero

If you read or watched The Hunger Games, you’re more than aware of President Coriolanus Snow. He was the main antagonist of the franchise and the main obstacle between the people of Panem and freedom.

The Hunger Games Prequel Title And Cover Revealed

  It’s been a long while since we’ve had anything related to the world of The Hunger Games. The books have long since finished and the final film hit theaters back in 2015, nearly five