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Game Of Thrones Actor To Take On The Dark Tower Next

Game of Thrones has been a big part of many people's lives over the past several years, and that includes the actors, who set aside large chunks of their lives to help realize the countless

Amazon’s Dark Tower Series Casts Its Roland Deschain

The Dark Tower is something that was always going to be ambitious. Way back in the mid-2000s, the plan was to have it alternate between film and TV series in one continuous story. Then things

Does Amazon Have Its Eyes Set On A Dark Tower Series?

Recently, we've reported on the big money that Amazon is spending on their original programming for their Prime members. More specifically, we discussed their Lord of the Rings adaptation getting a five-season commitment and having

Is The Dark Tower TV Series Scheduled To Film This Summer?

There’s no other way to say this: Last year’s The Dark Tower film adaptation was a disappointment. Critics and fans largely disliked the film, and even if you enjoyed it for what it accomplished in

Why Dark Tower Failed, According To Stephen King

The wonderfully weird Stephen King has given his thoughts on why the adaptation of his Dark Tower novel wasn't very well received by critics or fans. The famed author recently spoke with EntertainmentWeekly and discussed how the

Idris Elba Doesn’t Know What’s Happening With The Dark Tower TV Series

Earlier this year may have brought about a lot of quality Stephen King adaptations in the form of films like IT, Gerald’s Game, and 1922, but it also crushed the dreams of fans of the

Stephen King Says Dark Tower TV Series May Be A Reboot

After mixed reviews from the big screen adaptation of his beloved novel The Dark Tower, author Stephen King says the upcoming TV series based on he same material will probably be a complete reboot. In speaking

Idris Elba Would Like To Do Another Dark Tower Film

  2017 may be looked back on as a great year for Stephen King, but it still wasn’t that great for one property in particular. We’re talking about the recent Dark Tower film, which starred

Stephen King On Why The Dark Tower Was So Hard To Adapt

Recent years have been pretty good in terms of Stephen King. Hulu had 11.22.63 and the upcoming Castle Rock series, The Audience Network has Mr Mercedes, and the big screen just saw the release of

The Dark Tower Disappoints At The Box Office, But Does It Crumble?

This weekend’s box office saw The Dark Tower and Kidnap hit theaters, and Kathryn Bigelow’s Detroit expand to a wide release. The long-awaited Stephen King film, The Dark Tower, hit theaters to a myriad of