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Defenders Shows Will Get 4K On Disney+ Eventually Confirms Disney

The Defenders shows will get 4K on Disney+ eventually confirmed Disney yesterday. March 16th, yesterday, saw all the Defender shows that were previously on Netflix move over to Disney+. However fans then noticed that the

Daredevil And Other Defenders Shows Confirmed To Be Coming To Disney+ In U.S. March 16th Uncut

As was already happening elsewhere, Daredevil and the other Defenders shows from Netflix are now confirmed to be coming to Disney+ in the U.S.. March 16th will see those former Netflix shows all appear on

No Way Home Digital And Physical Release Date Revealed Plus The Defenders On Disney+ March 16th Officially

Spider-Man: No Way Home digital and physical release date revealed! Also we have official confirmation of The Defenders on Disney+ March 16th. That's big pieces of official news today folks. We will begin with Spider-Man:

Defenders Shows Leaving Netflix March 1st – Probably Coming To Disney+/Hulu

It's official! The Defenders shows leaving Netflix on March 1st.  Both EW and Deadline say the rights are reverting back to Disney and both expect an announcement soon by Disney to say where these will

Marvel To Bring Back Netflix Stars With A Catch | Barside Buzz

This won't be the first rumor saying Marvel to bring back Netflix stars from the Defenders series of shows. It's something fans have been eager to hear more about ever since those formerly canon MCU

Marvel Rumor: Are the Studio Already Making Plans For The Defenders Characters?

When Daredevil was canceled on Netflix in 2018, we knew it was the end for all Marvel characters on that streaming platform. Jessica Jones Season 3 was the last to show, but we knew it

Marvel Television Head Reiterates That They Were Blindsided By Defenders Shows Cancellations

A few years back, Marvel fans were flying high on shows like Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and the promise of a TV universe that can rival the MCU in its overall scope. Sadly, it

Endgame Writers Explain Why They Didn’t Use The Defenders Characters In the Movie [SPOILERS]

I feel like every article I write this last two weeks has a spoiler warning in front of it, but I guess that's the nature of where we are right now. So once again, warning

The Reason Netflix Axed Its Marvel Shows

If you’ve been following the headlines, you know that Netflix gave the old heave-ho to its entire slate of Marvel shows. If you recall, it was just August 2017 that Netflix premiered the much-hyped crossover

Marvel TV Head Pens Letter In Wake Of Punisher And Jessica Jones Cancellation

Many of us are still pouring one out for The Punisher and Jessica Jones. Earlier this morning, it was revealed that both series would be coming to an end -- with The Punisher's second season