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The Invisible Man A Win For Universal And Blumhouse During Opening Weekend

For Universal Pictures and Blumhouse, what is scary is not the threat you cannot see on screen but the idea of another one of their classic monster movies not doing well in theaters. Their latest

The Invisible Man Writer/Director Leigh Whannell Signs TV & Film Deal With Blumhouse

Fresh off the box office success and overall positive reviews for The Invisible Man, Leigh Whannell has plenty to celebrate. The writer/director has just inked a new overall deal with Blumhouse Productions, covering film and television.

Don’t Worry, The Invisible Man Trailer Didn’t Spoil The Movie

Ugh. F**king spoiler culture, man. You can’t really watch a single trailer without some tool complaining that they gave away the entire movie in it. I mean, sometimes they’re right, but most of the time,

The Invisible Man To Revive Universal Monsters Brand With $20 Million Opener

Universal took one heck of a misstep a few years back when they released The Mummy into theaters. Even I, someone who wanted the Dark Universe to do really well, had to admit the Tom

Top 5 Classic Universal Monster Movies | LRM’s Top 5

Welcome to LRM's Top 5, the new evolution of LRM Ranks It. This weekly column will be a hybrid written article with podcast support. Kyle Malone will still provide you with engaging multi-party debate on

How Did The Invisible Man Pull Off Those Crazy Action Scenes? Star Won’t Say (LRM Exclusive)

Greetings, readers! @Indy_Filmmaker here! I love a movie that makes you wonder how they pulled different things off. Upgrade, directed by  Leigh Whannell, was one of those films. It had a motion-controlled camera, effects, and

Invisible Man Star Wants Blumhouse To Adapt Jekyll And Hyde In The Style Of Joker

One of the cool things about genres is that you can mix and match ‘em like nobody’s business. There’s a reason why Marvel Studios has been able to do what they do for as long

LRM EXCLUSIVE: Interview With The Invisible Man Himself, Oliver Jackson-Cohen

Greetings, folks! @Indy_Filmmaker here! Ready to bring you some exclusive goodness. This time, in the hot-seat, is Mr. Oliver Jackson-Cohen, the Invisible Man himself in The Invisible Man! What does it take to play a

The Invisible Man Trailer Shows Physical And Mental Abuse At Its Worst

Not too long ago, all eyes were focused on Universal and their impending Dark Universe. This would incorporate classic monsters like The Mummy, Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Frankenstein’s monsters, and of course, The Invisible

The Invisible Man Trailer: This New Twist On The Classic Monster Is Terrifying

It wasn’t too long ago that Johnny Depp was set to play the Invisible Man in the Dark Universe. Unfortunately, The Mummy ruined all chances of that vision ever coming to fruition, and we’re left