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What to Watch This Weekend – The Killer

The Killer is the story of a relentless, dispassionate assassin (Michael Fassbender). While on assignment in Paris, the killer grows bored. As he waits for the ideal opportunity to eliminate his contracted target, the killer

The Killer | Jang Hyuk Interview

There’s an allure of watching films of a lone assassin taking out teams of thugs and murderers. In The Killer, South Korean star Jang Hyuk is a retired killer who must unretire to save a

The Killer Red Carpet Interviews

Audiences love super-assassins on the big screen. They’re calculated, calm and effective murderers with a definite high body count and seemingly indestructible in fights. American-Korean co-production The Killer starring Jang Hyuk doesn’t pull any punches

John Woo Hires Lupita Nyong’o For The Killer Remake

Here's some crazy news. It sounds like John Woo is coming back to Hollywood. After making a splash with films like Face/Off, Mission: Impossible II, and Paycheck, the renowned action director went back to China