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Review: HBO’s The Outsider Is Thriller Gold

On the premiere night of HBO's The Outsider, I based my idea of the series solely on the trailers. I hadn't read the book yet. I had just finished Doctor Sleep before seeing the movie and had thoroughly

The Outsider Featurette Highlights Stephen King’s Legacy

Stephen King is a huge deal in the storytelling world. Readers have been devouring his novels for decades, and moviegoers have been consuming his movies for nearly as long. From Carrie to IT, he’s managed

Stephen King’s The Outsider Gets An Eerie Trailer

They don’t even wait for the damn books to come out anymore before they start adapting them. Stephen King already has a billion adaptations to his name, but that hasn’t stopped Hollywood from constantly picking

Trailer Hits For Stephen King’s The Outsider On HBO

It’s Thursday, so we have your daily dose of Stephen King news. That’s right. We have yet another adaptation in the works — this time from HBO, and this time for one of his more

Stephen King’s The Outsider Headed To HBO

Somehow, in his ripe old age of 71, author Stephen King still manages to be one of the most prolific mainstream authors out there, with his novels currently totaling around 58, not including a ton

Stephen King’s Latest Novel The Outsider Already Getting A TV Series

Stephen King never rests. The dude puts out a few brick-sized tomes a year, which helps to solidify his title of the most proficient mainstream writer working today. Just a few weeks back, he published