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Bryan Cranston And Tracee Ellis Ross Appear In Parody Of The Shining Mountain Dew Super Bowl Commercial

https://youtu.be/tHoYKy1GMgM With the big game coming up this Sunday...I'm sorry, allow me to clarify the sports contest I am referring to as I forgot the majority of all who read the site are a bunch

New Doctor Sleep Posters Pay Homage To The Original Kubrick Classic

[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CgoYrQLPfBU[/embed] I've talked about this before when the trailer hit for Doctor Sleep, oh and you can check that out again above. I was most pleased to find out that the Doctor Sleep movie was

Here’s Johnny! ‘The Shining’ Is Headed Back To Theaters In 4K

There are some films out there that didn't get the recognition that they deserve at their time of release. One perfect example of this is the horror classic The Shining. This 1980's horror film was

Doctor Sleep Final Trailer Sees Ewan McGregor Back At The Overlook Hotel

https://youtu.be/BOzFZxB-8cw Doctor Sleep whilst already a sequel novel to The Shining from Stephen King, seems to be doing things a little differently with the movie. It looks like Doctor Sleep will act as more of

Come Check Out This List Of Awesome Movie Memorabilia You Probably Can’t Afford To Buy

Oh the assortment of geeky memorabilia I would buy if I happened to hit the Powerball. I would be traveling around to auctions like the one taking place September 30 in London and hosted by

Jacob Tremblay Joins The Cast Of The Shining Sequel Doctor Sleep

Place your right index finger in the air and repeat after me: Redrum. While he probably hasn't had to do that for his auditions, twelve-year-old child star Jacob Tremblay has definitely made a name for