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Mariana Van Zeller Says Trafficked: Underworlds Is Very Personal | Exclusive

Mariana Van Zeller brings us more unbelievable real life stories in Trafficked: Underworlds With Mariana Van Zeller. Unveiling some narratives that can affect some of us and goes to Washington, DC with questions.    https://youtu.be/CKui2HXAkcE?si=aUhtyHN_VfzfuLwF

Mariana Van Zeller Talks About Finding People That Are Relatable | Trafficked S3 Exclusive

Trafficked With Mariana Van Zeller has returned with season three.  Zeller finds the hardest story to cover and the most touching. https://youtu.be/ERKRzXY47k4 The Synopsis  This season of the Emmy®-nominated series TRAFFICKED WITH MARIANA VAN ZELLER