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David Gordon Green Talks About Keeping The Exorcist: Believer Grounded | Exclusive 

After five decades since The Exorcist comes The Exorcist: Believer with double the trouble. The filmmaker David Gordon Green is behind the story as a co-writer and the director that brings back a pinnacle of

New Trailer For Five Nights At Freddy’s Offers A Closer Look At Animatronics

Just in time for Halloween comes Universal Pictures' "Five Nights at Freddy's" from Blumhouse. The film will have a dual release on Peacock and theaters on October 27. The freighting video game is ready to

Super Mario Bros. Movie | High Octane Jungle Kingdom Exclusive Clip

Earlier this year Universal Pictures brought back some of our favorite childhood characters in The Super Mario Mario Bros. Movie. Whether a gamer or not Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Yoshi and the other personalities will

Check Out The Teaser Trailer For Five Nights At Freddy’s

"Five Nights at Freddy's", or FNaF as it's often abbreviated, is a franchise created by Scott Cawthon back in 2014. Now almost a decade later, the franchise has gained worldwide fame and is ready to

Nicolas Cage Talks Past Good And Bad Vampires | Renfield Exclusive Interview

Nicolas Cage puts on the fangs again for Renfield. In 1988 he played a vampire in the making for Vampire’s Kiss, but now he wears the full attire with Nicholas Hoult as his henchman.   https://youtu.be/6LmO6rmDW08

Super Mario Bros. Movie On Track To Take Top Animated Opening Weekend Spot From Frozen 2

When you think of top feature film animation, your first thought would be Disney after all the years of box office hits between Disney Animation and Pixar Studios. But would it surprise you if we

Fast X Poster Reveals That It’s The Beginning of the End

All franchises will eventually end—including Fast & the Furious. With its tenth movie in the horizon with Fast X, there is a little bit more fuel left in the tank. And it seems that the

The Super Mario Bros. Movie Trailer Introduces Us To A Very Familiar Beloved Cast

We now have the official trailer for The Super Mario Bros. Movie. About a month ago the partnership that is Nintendo, Illumination, and Universal released our first look at the animated film of one of

Halloween Ends Review | Final Film Gets Off Track And Stumbles To The End

This weekend, Halloween Ends. I will be honest I have enjoyed using that line in my pieces but I guess that is now coming to an end as well. In 2018 David Gordon Green brought

Halloween Ends Featurette | Jamie Lee Curtis Talks About “The Final Battle”

Halloween Ends promises the final battle over 40 years in the making. In one corner is the seemingly immortal Michael Myers who does not let anything get in his way. On the other side is