– by Mark Cook

We’re going to need a bigger Flash!


Without a doubt this was the strongest three weeks of season 2 for “The Flash”.  With the aftermath of the events from Earth 2 still having a deep impact on Barry, Cisco, and Wells we also got a great episode about a Meta-human.  It was amazing to see how wells the CGI team put together King Shark for this episode.  You could really tell the producers were going for a home-run.  We also got the long awaited reveal of Zoom but it also created more questions.  It seems that Jay Garrick ended up being Hunter Zolomon or another Meta-Human that was a shape shifter.  Another theory that has come up is Earth-1 and Earth-2 Hunter Zolomon have been working together during this time.


Great:  The detail put into King-Shark was amazing for a television show.  With such a smaller budget that movies it was great to see the production team put their focus on making sure King-Shark would not disappoint.  The final fight scene between Flash and Barry must have used up a ton of the budget for the show but it didn’t disappoint.  It was great to see Barry go against another Meta-human that wasn’t a speedster.  Once this season wraps up with the end of Zoom it would be nice to see the team go back to its roots taking on Meta’s and giving more depth to theses characters.


Good:  The effects of what happened on Earth-2 were not forgotten.  With the Barry, Cisco, and Wells each dealing with the aftermath in different ways this made the show have a good flow. It was great to see that the events of Earth-2 wasn’t forgotten and that Barry carries the burden of Earth-2 Joe death as his responsibility.  Similar to how Oliver has been molded over time into the Green Arrow over the deaths of his family and friends, Barry is starting to show the same transformation.  He is starting to grow a distance to the people he loves in order to protect them.  It was great to see Cisco take a concern for Caitlyn, as he believed this was the origin story for Earth-1 Killer Frost.  Which he may not be too far off because when Caitlyn finds out she wasn’t helping the real Jay Garrick it might harness her powers.   Then there was Earth-2 Harrison Wells afraid of what happened to his daughter again.  The trip to Earth 2 has changed the dynamic of the team.


Bad:  The show is slowing building the character of Wally West into the main arc of the story.  It just seemed like this episode tried to force a dialogue about how Wally is in competition with Barry.  It could be the beginning of a rough mentor/mentee relationship when Wally becomes a speedster.  I think that if Wally is going to a pivotal part to the show in the future then the producers and writers need to give him more depth.  If they don’t it will be the same mistake the writers for “Arrow” made with Laurel Lance when she became Black Canary.   


Overall- This was a great episode to leave on with an extended break coming up.  With King-Shark put into Argus’ custody let’s hope we see more of him in the future.


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