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The MCU is potentially about to go team up crazy. We have the possibility, nay outright hints that Thunderbolts, Winter Guard and Young Avengers could all be getting set up in the MCU. So Let’s get into some speculation shall we?

Welcome to Free Talk Friday. This week no spoiler warnings as we are purely in speculation and rumor territory. So let’s just get onto all the hints towards each of these teams.



There have been hints at a potential Thunderbolts team for some time on the rumor mill. However the addition of Val in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and the fact she is supposedly in Black Widow gives us two possible team members in John Walker and Yelena. Now we have the latest Shang-Chi trailer revealing that Abomination is back in the MCU. I wonder if we will find out that the reason Abomination is even there to begin with is on the orders of Senator ‘Thunderbolt’ Ross? We have also known since the very first Black Widow trailer that Ross does show up in that movie.

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Therefore, is Val working for Ross and helping him put together a Thunderbolts or Dark Avengers team? We don’t know for certain of course, however based on the evidence we do have, it seems likely. There has been nothing to come out yet to make me think again on the Thunderbolts speculation. Who else could be a part of that Thunderbolts team? Three isn’t enough, but I’ll bet we get a few more potentials introduced before long?

Winter Guard

Winter Guard

This one I’m not sure about, but after covering comments made by Red Guardian, aka David Harbour this week, it’s possible the Soviet era Avengers could show up. Harbour teased fans to watch for some Easter eggs about those other team members like Ursa Major, Crimson Dynamo and The Sputnik. However Harbour was understandably coy about where Red Guardian would go next, all he said was that he’d love to see Winter Guard show up. Thunderbolts v Winter Guard could be a laugh but actually I think they’d work better in their own movies.

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Though to be fair, until Harbour’s recent statements covered in another related section above I would have thought of them as Easter eggs only. However, a Winter Guard show on Disney+ could be brilliant and it would not mean Marvel would have to carry those characters forward if they don’t want to. Or Red Guardian could get involved with the larger MCU story without his old comrades having to be mainstays as well.

So this one is possible yes, but seeming likely? For now, no, it’s too early to tell on that front, but I’m betting we’ll know a little more in a few weeks’ time about both these alt teams after we see Black Widow.

Young Avengers

Young Avengers

This is the one that you’d be crazy to bet against at this point. So far we have Wiccan and Speed, currently dead, but Wanda is searching. We also have Ms. Marvel, and Kate Bishop arriving in Hawkeye soon. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier also introduced us to Eli Bradley, aka Patriot. Multiverse of Madness will introduce us to America Chavez, and perhaps bring back Wiccan and Speed potentially. There is also the fact that Cassie Lang has been recast and is expected to have a much larger role going forward. Finally, we have Ironheart to come, and that means Riri Williams is coming.

Now, if that’s not a Young Avengers team I don’t know what is. Add this to rumors that there could be a Young Avengers Disney+ ‘event show’ and it all seems to make sense.

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Yet, we do have a long way to go yet with some of these characters. Eli Bradley seems currently to be unaware of any abilities (that we know of), Cassie is really at square one with that. The rest you’d think would be established by the time their appearances are made, but that still puts Young Avengers potentially years away yet. Do I think this one is happening? 100% I think we are getting a Young Avengers movie or Disney+ show. If they don’t this would surely be a wasted opportunity for Marvel Studios after all this set up work?

With all this going on, how long could it be before we see another Avengers movie? Is it possible we could see Thunderbolts, Winter Guard and Young Avengers all happen before an Avengers 5 movie? I don’t know, but it’s fun to speculate for now. Do some of your own theory crafting in the usual place below.

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