– by Seth McDonald

The X-Files returns tomorrow for its eleventh season. As many of you already know, Gillian Anderson, who plays the ever skeptical (even with everything she has seen over the years) Special Agent Dana Scully, has made it clear the upcoming season will be her last time playing the character. Creator of The X-Files, Chris Carter, recently participated in a Reddit AMA session and commented on the possibility of doing the show without Anderson:

“For me, the show has always been Mulder & Scully. So the idea of doing the show without her isn’t something I’ve ever had to consider. Was her character given a proper goodbye? I think you will want to sit down and watch the series finale very carefully.”

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Carter clarified in a subsequent comment, “When I say series finale, I mean the Episode 11 series. ” For me, that is a relief as I have enjoyed the ‘comeback’ seasons. I think with the reduced number of episodes, and less time for filler content, there is a more cohesive overall arc for the season

Personally, I think a show featuring just Mulder could work, assuming Duchovny is interested. He is the part of the team with the knowledge of the paranormal, and knows what to look for, as opposed to a show featuring just Scully, who would dismiss most things off with a scientific explanation, and where’s the fun in that?

The search for the truth continues tomorrow, on Fox.

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Source: Reddit