Rumor: Thanos Will Appear In The Eternals

Some might say this was inevitable. Well, I know at least one someone who would, Thanos. During an episode of The Phase Zero podcast comics artist and writer Jim Starlin mentioned that the purple titan

Michael Cassidy Talks About Respect In Heritage, Religion And Customs in Breaking Fast [Exclusive Interview]

Michael Cassidy plays the love interest in the new film Breaking Fast. Cassidy brings a humble character that appreciates new cultures and family traditions. Breaking Fast is a film written and directed by Mike Mosallam. [embed][/embed]

Harry Potter: Warner Bros. Puts Executive Tom Ascheim In Charge Of Expanding The Franchise

According to Variety Warner Bros. has named Tom Ascheim to oversee the future of the Harry Potter franchise. What this shift will means for the series as well as fans remains to be seen. Just

WandaVision Gets Groovy In Latest Episode| Reaction Non Spoilers

After the first two episodes of WandaVision took us through the 50's and 60's of television sitcom the third episode continued our time travel experience and gave us the 70's.  While the reactions to the first two

‘WandaVision’ Soundtracks Now Available From First Episodes

Walt Disney Records releases today WandaVision: Episode 1 Original Soundtrack and WandaVision: Episode 2 Original Soundtrack. Debuting Jan. 15 exclusively on Disney+, Marvel Studios’ “WandaVision” has already won high praise from both critics and fans. The third episode debuts

Jake Allyn and Conor Allyn on Creating a Border Conflict Story With No Man’s Land [Exclusive Interview]

[caption id="attachment_175593" align="alignnone" width="800"] Jake Allyn in No Man's Land[/caption] With nearly a border of 2,000 miles, most of the United States and Mexico opened to crossing with only 700 miles of wall or fencing

Best And Worst Star Wars Sequel Trilogy Characters

For this next edition of best and worst we take a look at the Star Wars sequel trilogy characters. There were a lot of new players introduced and even a few returning ones. Some were

Will Game Of Thrones Work As A Franchise? | Free Talk Friday

Welcome to this week's Free Talk Friday. This week I am asking, and hopefully answering the question posed in the title. Will Game of Thrones work as a franchise? You see Game of Thrones may

‘Shadow In The Cloud’ An Honest Review

Max Landis the screenwriter of Shadow in the Cloud. A name that has become synonymous with terrible and hackneyed writing. Yet, somehow, beyond all reason, the son of the great Jon Landis keeps failing his

The Andor Series Is Bigger Than We Originally Thought | The Cantina Podcast

The Podcast A long time ago... In this not far, far away galaxy I ran a weekly Star Wars column called The Cantina. The end of each piece was called "Last Call" and topics rotated and eventually included