Author: George Nada

George Nada

Zack Snyder’s Justice League | An Honest Review

Watching Zack Snyder’s Justice League sure is a strange experience. It’s fresh, but it’s definitely not new. It’s like hearing a story you know from someone you’ve never heard tell it before. Familiar, but different.

WandaVision | An Honest Review Of The Halloween Spooktacular

Six episodes in of WandaVision and this show has really moved into high gear! The latest chapter finds Wanda’s sitcom world entering the 90s with a clear rife on Malcolm in the Middle... right down

WandaVision | An Honest Review Of On A Very Special Episode

Apologies for the late review... It has been a busy week but better late than never Another week, another episode of WandaVision over. Though we are still stuck in sitcom purgatory (courtesy of Wanda herself,

WandaVision | An Honest Review Of We Interrupt This Program

Well, the good news is after this episode of WandaVision, we now have some answers - I won’t spoil them all, but let’s just say we know a lot more about why Wanda and Vision

WandaVision | An Honest Review Of Now In Color

It’s hard to believe we’re already close to halfway through WandaVision when it seems so little has happened beyond introducing us to the concept of Wanda and Vision stuck in some sort of Twilight Zone

Best And Worst Star Wars Sequel Trilogy Characters

For this next edition of best and worst we take a look at the Star Wars sequel trilogy characters. There were a lot of new players introduced and even a few returning ones. Some were

‘Shadow In The Cloud’ An Honest Review

Max Landis the screenwriter of Shadow in the Cloud. A name that has become synonymous with terrible and hackneyed writing. Yet, somehow, beyond all reason, the son of the great Jon Landis keeps failing his

WandaVision | An Honest Review Of The First Episodes

So here we are at long last, the first Marvel TV show, WandaVision, out of the gate. Perhaps an odd choice because of the surreal nature of the program (which you could easily say has a very

Wonder Woman 84 Review From An Honest Fan

The movie opens with a flashback to young Diana (our future heroine) competing in an Olympic style contest against her fellow Amazonian warriors. Even though these other warriors are easily twice the age and size

The Best And Worst [MCU Heroes]

Greetings, LRM readers. You probably don’t recognize my name here and that’s because this is my first article. Like you, I’m a fellow movie, TV and pop culture fan. I’ve been coming to this site