Jack Schwarz and Dawn Sloboda Elimination Interview for LEGO Masters Season Two [Exclusive Interview]

The siblings team Jack Schwarz and Dawn Sloboda left LEGO Masters with a bang. Quite literally. With season two of this popular unscripted reality competition underway, the pair marked the first elimination of the twelve

Final Fantasy VII: Remake- Intergrade (With Yuffie’s Intermission / 235 Sleep)… Why I May Not Play The DLC For A While

Before you hit the comments about how great Yuffie's Intermission DLC is and how brilliant Kingdom Hearts names are, know that I love Final Fantasy VII and KH. It is my favorite game in the series,

NFC Discusses Loki’s Glorious Purpose, and The Show’s True Villain

  The first episode of Loki cleverly establishes the characters and the setting as we learn about the Time Variance Authority. However, it also gives the audience a great deal to speculate on. In this

Laura Fairrie, Rory Green, and Tiffany Lerman On The Real Life Story of Lady Boss: The Jackie Collins Story | Tribeca 2021 [Exclusive Interview]

Romance novelist Jackie Collins certainly made her mark in the 1980s. As one of the world’s best selling novelist, she paved a way in feminism in terms of both career and sexual confidence. Her path

Get Your Quarters Ready! Simpsons Arcade Game Cabinet Coming To Your Home

The Arcade was one of the highlights of many childhoods in the past and for many kids in the 90s, it was a popular place to hang out. The 1991 arcade game, The Simpsons, was

A Disney Dad’s Advice Before Going On The Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser

When Disney announced that they would be opening a Star Wars-themed hotel fans have been waiting for reservations to open.  The Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser will be an experience that no other hotel or park

Owen Wilson Had Input Into Mobius Look In Loki

According to the actor himself, Owen Wilson had input into Mobius look within Loki. I'm sure if you read LRM, then you've probably already watched Episode 1 of Loki. Of course Wilson looks a little

New Additions To Stranger Things Season 4 including Amybeth McNulty From Anne With An E

The Duffer Brothers have announced 4 new cast members for the fourth season of Stranger Things. Amybeth McNulty from Anne with an E has joined the cast as well as Miles Truitt, Regina Ting Chen,

Loki: E1- Glorious Purpose Brings The God Of Mischief Face To Face With Himself And Mobius And The TVA | MMM Loki Thorsdays

Loki: E1- Glorious Purpose Brings The God Of Mischief Face To Face With Himself And Mobius And The TVA | MMM Loki Thorsdays https://open.spotify.com/episode/1zQEaMqnpiUzHlTEb80YTU?si=QYki_pAYShq93PbND8jpZQ&dl_branch=1 Loki is coming on June 9th. However, with him comes chaos.

1982: Greatest Geek Year Ever Documantary Kickstarter

Check out these promotional details below for 1982: Greatest Geek Year Ever. A new documentary that is using Kickstarter to get off the ground. LRM Recently worked with Mark A. Altman on an upcoming project