Christopher Zalla Says We Have Not Seen The Real Eugenio Derbez Until Now In Radical | Exclusive

Christopher Zalla is the co-writer and director of Radical. Currently the number #1 film in Mexico and today makes its debut in U.S. theaters. Starring Eugenio Derbez taking the lead role of a teacher that

Let Her Be Evil Anthology Zoop Spotlight With Cassandra Jones: The Comic Source

In this episode we discuss; Let Her Be Evil Anthology Zoop Spotlight With Cassandra Jones: The Comic Source The Comic Source Podcast Go PLEDGE and become part of Let Her Be Evil Anthology Follow Cassandra

Thor 5 Rumored To Be In Development And Looking For A New Director

According to the latest Barside Buzz, Thor 5 is rumored to be in development and looking for a new director. In other words, it does not seem like Taika Waititi will be back for this

At The Gates | Exclusive Clip

A new story about immigration comes to screen with At The Gates. A mother and son are taken in to protect them from deportation, but how genuine are the intentions? At The Gates Official

David Yates Confirms Fantastic Beasts Franchise is ‘Parked’ Right Now

Director David Yates confirms the Fantastic Beasts franchise is 'parked' right now. Does that mean it's essentially dead then? The comments from Yates are from an interview with Total Film whilst promoting his new Netflix

SAG-AFTRA Strikes Update: One Week To Save The Fall Season!

The latest SGA-AFTRA Strike update suggest that there's now one week to save the Fall season. According to trades, the Studios are setting aside this week to try and resolve the strike action. However, if

1408 Review: It’s An Evil F*****g Room | GV’s 13 Days of Terror

1408 Review: It's An Evil F*****g Room | GV's 13 Days of Terror Welcome to The GenreVerse's 13 Days of Terror! 13 movie reviews between 19-31 October. Next up, Kyle (AVR2) delivers his 1408 review!