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WandaVision | An Honest Review Of The Halloween Spooktacular


Six episodes in of WandaVision and this show has really moved into high gear! The latest chapter finds Wanda’s sitcom world entering the 90s with a clear rife on Malcolm in the Middle… right down to the “show’s” opening credits (the best ones yet in my opinion). 

Unlike her previous visions, “All New Halloween Spooktacular ” is shot in single camera, which lends itself to a much more dynamic visual scope. This in turn gives the show the energy the multicam episodes have been lacking and the difference is notable.

The quality of the writing has also vastly improved. It helps that there is a fun new character for the writers to play with and they seem to be having as much fun scripting him as Evan Peters is portraying him.

Following up from his surprise introduction last time, Quicksilver (Evan Peters) settles into the cast nicely. He’s a much more engaging version of the character than the one played by Aaron Taylor Johnson, and watching his scenes as the wacky uncle were a treat. 

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If I’m being honest, I’ve had reservations about how the MCU was going to handle the multiverse. If some of the rumors are true, there is the potential for anything and everything. You want a Peter Parker with the same backstory as the current one, but somehow 10 years older? You got it! The danger in that is when the possibilities are endless, it’s easy to throw the rules out the window. With no rules, the writing can get sloppy. I can easily envision an MCU where continuity is always in flux because, well, anything goes. To me, that sounds like a headache I’m not looking forward to taking on. However, the integration of Quicksilver is so entertaining here and near flawless, that I could feel a lot of my concerns disappearing.

One thing that could have worked a little better, though, was Wanda’s quick acceptance of her dead brother being back… and his sudden “recasting.” It’s clear now that she isn’t entirely in control of her visions, and so there should have been more of a concern from her that Pietro was seemingly resurrected. Would she have really handed her kids over to him for babysitting duty given the oddness of his return? 

Other than that, watching Wanda’s interactions with him proves the character as played by Evan Peters has a lot more mileage in him. One of the downsides of Fox being sold to Disney was that the Fox X-verse appeared to have gone bye-bye. Characters like Quicksilver and Wolverine were inevitably going to be recast or simply forgotten. It’s nice to know now that that’s no longer certain, especially since Peters was one of the highlights of the last few X-men movies, and it’s a real joy having him back for his take on the character.

Speaking of certainties, Vision’s quest to find out what’s happening to him continues on from the prior week. I’m pleased his memory wasn’t “cleared” because it gives the episode more of that momentum it was lacking in the first half of the season. Having him take on a more active and investigative role is very exciting, but also a bit sad, as it seems obvious where his journey is headed. In the meantime, though, it’s great watching him “wake up.” There’s an especially great scene between him and Agnes (played by Kathryn Hahn) that gives both actors a chance to excel. 

With only two episodes left of WandaVision I feel confident this show can’t continue to deliver the better pacing and excitement this episode brought. All the elements are finally lining up for what will hopefully be a satisfying conclusion. 

You can watch the first six episodes of WandaVision on Disney+ now and the next episode will debut this Friday.


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