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Sigourney Weaver Suggests She Is Done Playing Ripley In Alien Franchise

There's a new Alien movie on the way we know little about. However, It does not feature Ripley and now Sigourney Weaver suggests she is done playing Ripley in the Alien franchise for good. The

Talking Superman with Phillip Kennedy Johnson: The Comic Source Podcast

In this episode we discuss; Talking Superman with Phillip Kennedy Johnson The Comic Source Podcast Visit Phillip's Website Check Out Phillip's Facebook Follow Phillip On Instagram Follow Phillip On Twitter Jace welcomes writer Phillip Kennedy

New Alien Movie May Have Found Its Lead Star

According to a new report, there's a new Alien movie on the way. Additionally this new Alien movie may have found its lead star in Cailee Spaeny. The report comes from Deadline and here is

Aliens Urban Legend Confirmed By Director James Cameron

An old Aliens urban legend was finally confirmed as true by director James Cameron. Speaking with Cinemablend recently Cameron admitted that this old urban legend was actually true., The story went that during Cameron's pitch

Alien 5 – Unused Concept Art From Blomkamp’s Canned Movie Emerges

Remember when Neil Blomkamp was trying to make an Alien 5 movie? Fans were excited because it seemed Blomkamp's plan was to ignore Alien 3 and make a sequel involving Newt, Ripley and Hicks. At

The Alien Franchise Coming To Marvel Comics March 2021

Earlier this year, Marvel Comics had announced that the iconic and terrifying world of the Alien franchise would be featured in an all-new comic book series. Today they announced that Xenomorph would be invading the

The Alien Series From Noah Hawley That Could Have Been

An Alien series from Noah Hawley? There have been a ridiculous number of canceled Alien projects over the decades. And it makes sense. It’s a big and beloved series with a lot of missteps scattered about

Yup, A New Alien Film Is In The Works, Says Ridley Scott

Another Alien film in the works? Ridley Scott always has something in the works. Even at his age, he manages to be an incredibly busy filmmaker in the business. It certainly helps that he’s a

Producer Confirms Treatment For Alien 5 And Wants Sigourney Weaver Back

Sigourney Weaver recently said she may never play the role of Ellen Ripley again, despite being sent a 50-page treatment for Alien 5 from OG Alien producer Walter Hill. However, Hill has now responded to

Alien – Sigourney Weaver Isn’t Sure Her Ellen Ripley Character Wants Another Adventure

The Alien franchise is one of cinema's most beloved.  The movie series also has one of the screen's greatest heroes in Sigourney Weaver's Ellen Ripley. As iconic as Han Solo, Indiana Jones (nice job Mr.