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Arrow: The Return Of Tommy?

Arrow has been on a bit of an upswing during the second half of the season.  This week, Oliver's trial takes place with the return of a former frienemy.  How did the return happen?  Read

Arrow: Who Will Switch Sides?

  Happy Friday!!  Yesterday brought us a new episode of Arrow.  Coming off of last week's showcase of Diaz, will this episode be able to be as strong, and follow suit?  Read on to find

Arrow: Can Diaz Control The Dragon?

Welcome back to this week's episode of Arrow!  Now that Oliver has set out on his own, will this actually benefit him in his quest to take down Diaz?  Will the episodes begin to have

Arrow: Does Oliver Go Back To His Roots?

This week Oliver looks to be setting out on his own.  Ah, just like the good ol' days!  Will he be able to handle any threats that come his way, or will his former dependency

Arrow: Is Oliver On His Own?

There seems to be an ongoing theme this season among Team Arrow: Civil War.  The team has already been split, and there looks to be more animosity this week.  Diggle and Oliver seem to be

Arrow: Is Thea The New Ra’s?

Welcome back!  Arrow took a small hiatus, but is now back.  Last episode, the team saved Roy from Diaz's grasp as he looks to take control of the city.  This week's episode looks to bring

Arrow Season 6 Finale Will Bring Back Sara Lance

The Arrowverse is an interesting beast. More than any other TV universe, they mix, match, and shuffle their characters across shows in a way that would make The MCU a bit dizzy. Some characters premiered

Arrow: Can Laurel Be Trusted?

Following a good episode last week, where will Team Arrow be this week coming off the aftermath of their civil war with Team 2?  Tonight's episode brings Roy Harper back to the city which leads

Arrow: The Casualties Of Civil War

Arrow returns bringing viewers the aftermath of the death Cayden James.  Where does this leave the other members of his group?  Who is behind the entire set-up?  Also, Arrow Team 1 and Team 2 fight

Arrow: The Death Of…

We are back with another week of Arrow.  In the last episode, Vince ended up being killed by Black Canary for being a turncoat.  Also, this brought Dinah to a dark place, and Cayden James'