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What Changes Could Arrowverse’s Crisis On Infinite Earths Bring?

Last week we went through a breakdown of the Crisis on Infinite Earth storyline.  Now that the CW shows have concluded for the season, let's go through some speculation as to what may happen this

Could Oliver’s Sister Lead To The Return Of Other Characters?

Arrow is back for the second half of Season 7.  Following the cross-over event, fans now know that the show will eventually lead to the Crisis.  I have some theories I will be covering over

Elseworlds: Part 3 – Will Our Heroes Learn Their Destiny?

It's the thrilling conclusion to the three night cross-over event!  What can fans expect for the finale?  Read on to find out! Dark Superman -- Last episode, The Monitor told Deegan to think bigger, and

Elseworlds: Part 2 — Can The Crisis Be Stopped?

Tonight brings us Part 2 of the Elseworlds cross-over event!  After last night's episode, it looks like we have a lot in store! Will fans enjoy the trip to Gotham City? Read on to find

Elseworlds: Part 1 – Can Barry And Oliver Handle The Body-Swap?

This article would have been out a bit sooner, but The CW station in my area said they had a "power outage due to snow" and accidentally played episodes of Friends instead of the crossover

Arrow: Will Oliver Get A Welcome Return?

He's back!  After finally being released from prison (which was a rather interesting, and well-done start to the season) Oliver returns back to the city.  How will his transition back be?  Will he encounter the

Arrow: Will Oliver Escape The Prison?

It looks like Oliver is in more trouble this week (isn't he always?!).  Even though Diaz was captures, he looks to escape and unleash hell in the prison in order to take Oliver out once

Arrow: Can Anatoly Be Trusted?

Last week was another strong showing from the Arrow brand.  Of course it has its issues, but the season has brought back the excitement with the new route it has taken.  Will Oliver escape prison? 

Arrow: Who Is The Demon?

  Arrow has really started the season off being consistently strong.  Has Oliver been taken over by the Level 2 psychiatrist? Will we find out who is behind Green Arrows mask?  Will Oliver find The

Arrow: Can Oliver Survive Level 2?

Last week brought us a strong episode of Arrow!  Oliver made yet another sacrifice in order to gain information on Diaz and has been sent to Level 2.  How will he do?  Will he find