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Don’t Forget! The LEGO Back To The Future Time Machine Build Releasing Soon

The release of one of the best time machines put into an incredibly detailed LEGO creation will be released in just a few days! And I can’t afford it! Also, I can’t say the best

Back To The Future’s DeLorean Has Been Added To The National Historic Vehicle Register

The 1981 DeLorean DMC-12 from Back to the Future is now the 29th car to be added to the National Historic Vehicle Register. The famous time machine is such a loved car from one of

Back to the Future Part II: Lea Thompson’s Snagged This Unusual Prop As A Souvenir From The Set Of The Sequel

I'm back with more Back to the Future content. Today actress Lea Thompson , who played Lorraine Baines McFly in the ilm series revealed the prop she forever borrowed from the set of Back to

Bob Gale Explains The Back to the Future Catchphrases

I love Back to the Future, I think it's one of the best films ever made. I know more about the film than a person probably should. However, today I thought (while preparing to write

Back to the Future: Writer Bob Gale Again Says There Will Never Be Another Film

While many fans of the Back to the Future franchise will always hold out a little hope to get a fourth entry into the series. Over the years we've heard bits and pieces of something

Cobra Kai Creators Say There Are Lots of Possibilities With A Back To The Future Revival

Cobra Kai creators Hayden Schlossberg, Jon Hurwitz, and Josh Heald believe they could give a Back to the Future revival series a similar treatment to Cobra Kai. They believe the franchises share many of the

Tabletop Game Review – Back to the Future: Back in Time

Back to the Future: Back in Time by Funko Games Price: ~$30.00 Players: 2 to 4 Playtime: ~50 minutes Perfect for: Families and groups who enjoy multifaceted cooperative games and love the classic time travel

Bob Gale Discusses The Back To The Future Scene In Avengers: Endgame

It's true. The majority of movie fans today went to the school of Back to the Future for their cinematic time travel degrees. The franchise had a simple and straight forward way of explaining time

John Cryer Says His Back To The Future Audition Had A Very Different Script

As many of you film nerds know, Michael J. Fox wasn't the fist Marty McFly in Back to the Future. Actor Eric Stoltz was actually chosen for the role and filmed for six weeks before

Tabletop Game Review – Back to the Future: Dice Through Time

Back to the Future: Dice Through Time by Ravensburger Games Price: ~$30.00 Players: 2 to 4 Playtime: 45 to 60 minutes Perfect for: Families who enjoy dice-rolling and -drafting games with a soft spot for