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Holy Hell! John Krasinski Is Trying To Remake Bride Of Frankenstein?

The Dark Universe may be deader than dead, but Universal may continue using their ever-important I.P. after all! Following the 2017 film The Mummy, next on deck for a remake was none other than Bride

Bride Of Frankenstein Getting Started Up Again?

2017’s The Mummy was supposed to be the film to start off the brand-new Dark Universe with a bang. Instead, the film missed with critics, and missed just as hard at the box office, already

The Mummy Follow-Up Bride Of Frankenstein Has Been Delayed

Director Bill Condon’s remake of the 1935 James Whale film Bride of Frankenstein has been delayed, Deadline reports. The outlet got wind that pre-production for the film — which was set to begin actual production

Bride Of Frankenstein Director Gives Update, Dark Universe Still Alive!

Given that this year’s The Mummy, starring Tom Cruise, suffered a bit of a box office disappointment — making only $400 million off a film that probably cost around $200 million-plus with marketing — speculation