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Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Lin-Manuel Miranda To Play Amy’s Brother

Brooklyn Nine-Nine may have been canceled for roughly 24 hours, but these past few episodes have proven that the show is anything but stale. The laughs are still there and in spite of a somewhat

Andy Samberg On Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Future After Season 6

Last night, Brooklyn Nine-Nine returned to the small screen at the new network of NBC. Here was a network that responded to fan outcry and gave them what they needed in their moment of need.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine NBC Premiere Sees Ratings Jump

  Take something away for a bit, and you'll have a better idea of how beloved it really was. This is exactly what happened to Brooklyn Nine-Nine. While it was a critical and fan darling

Brooklyn 99 Promo Has A Touch Of Law And Order

After being cancelled by the Fox network last year, a petition began amost immediately to save Brooklyn 99 from a fate one to many shows had suffered. Not long after the show was given new

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Sneak Peek Gives Us A First Look At Season 6

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zXnSTTUPm9U Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6 is almost here, and I remember every damn day that this was the season that almost didn't happen. For a hot second, this glorious show was canceled on its home

First Brooklyn Nine-Nine Teaser Hits For NBC

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZsScSS64FgM Earlier this year had a sad 24 hours pass when Brooklyn Nine-Nine was canceled by FOX. Luckily, NBC realized how much fandom there was surrounding the show, and quickly went about picking it back

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6 To Hit This January, Says Terry Crews

  We all had a bit of a scare last May when news hit that Fox had canceled the fan favorite comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Fan outcry was immediate, but luckily it didn't take long for

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Adds 5 More Episodes To New Season At NBC

When Brooklyn Nine-Nine was initially canceled over at FOX for a solid 24 hours, tears were shed all over the world. This was a comedy series that had garnered a loyal fanbase who celebrated the

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6 Begins Production

As someone who needs a healthy diet of 30-minute comedies lining the handful of darker hour-long shows, Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been quite the mainstay along with the now-ended Parks and Recreation and New Girl. As

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Will Make No Substantive Changes After Network Change

Fans of the TV show Brooklyn Nine-Nine were in for a bit of a shock earlier this year when its network, Fox, canceled it. In spite of its so-so ratings, it had gained a passionate