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Universal Exec Agrees That Dark Universe Was A Failed Experiment

Did you hear? That little thing called the Dark Universe didn’t do so well. It was meant to be kickstarted by the Tom Cruise vehicle The Mummy. Sadly, we all know what happened there. The

Dark Universe Came Together Too Quickly, Producer Says

I’ll admit, I had very high hopes for the Dark Universe. I love Tom Cruise, I love shared universes, and I love the Universal monsters. If the studio could find a way to seamlessly integrate

Alex Kurtzman Talks Painful Dark Universe Experience: ‘The Mummy Wasn’t What I Wanted It To Be’

Not too long ago, things seem to be looking up for Universal Studios and their Dark Universe. They'd looked at other universes like the MCU and thought their I.P.s would be a perfect fit for

Every DC Movie In The Works

  Welcome to a comprehensive list of the DC Extended Universe, no wait, World’s of DC, no… uh… Let’s just call this list Every DC Movie In The Works. We will be looking at everything

Horror Producer Jason Blum Would Love To Take Over The Dark Universe Franchise

Oh, dear God, please yes. Please make this happen. Last year, we saw the first (and perhaps only) film in Universal’s Dark Universe hit theaters. Starring Tom Cruise, The Mummy seemed to have all the

Could There Still Be Life In Universal’s Dark Universe?

About a year ago Universal Studios announced their Dark Universe, because with the Disney, Warner Bros., Fox and Sony all having their own universes they needed one as well. Their answer was using the classic

Dark Universe’s Invisible Man Loses Writer Ed Solomon

[caption id="attachment_28042" align="aligncenter" width="1179"] Back when the future looked bright for the Dark Universe.[/caption] 2017 was a brutal year for the Dark Universe. Here was a shared universe that should have been kicked off with

Bride Of Frankenstein Getting Started Up Again?

2017’s The Mummy was supposed to be the film to start off the brand-new Dark Universe with a bang. Instead, the film missed with critics, and missed just as hard at the box office, already

Guillermo Del Toro On Why Classic Horror Movie Monsters Aren’t Working

Things aren’t going too well with the Dark Universe. Earlier this year saw the release of The Mummy, and while the film should have kicked off a big shared universe, instead, it seemed to have

Guillermo Del Toro Regrets Not Taking The Reins Of The Dark Universe In 2007

This year wasn’t a great year for shared universes. In addition to the currently-dicey situation the DC Extended Universe finds itself in, 2017 was also a bad one for the Dark Universe — a universe