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Check Out This Behind-The-Scenes Featurette For The Deadwood Movie

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NCnBZ18pYdw Fans of one of HBO's earlier hit series, Deadwood, will soon be able return to the western town after more than 10 years. The series was perhaps one of the last shows with a

HBO Rustles Up An Official Trailer For The Deadwood Movie

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s0WrXmhvXTA Well, I'll be, looka there. the official trailer for the Deadwood movie has arrived. After years of rumors and gestation, it has finally arrived.  The film brings back most all the original cast for

Ian McShane Talks About The Upcoming Deadwood Film

For years fans of HBO's western series, Deadwood, have waited, and hoped to hear news of the show's return, or at the very least a film to give the characters a more proper sendoff than

Video Evidence Of The Deadwood Movie Moseys On Into Town With The Film’s Trailer

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tAcftIUE6MQ It wasn't that long ago that fans of HBO's Deadwood had little to no hope of the series ever being given a proper ending. Similar to how Star Wars fans felt before 2012. Talk

Photos From The Set Of The Deadwood Film Have Moseyed On Into Town

After more than a decade of rumors the long awaited Deadwood film is really happening. We know for sure this time around because set photos from the production found there way on to the Internet

Deadwood Films Begins Shooting, Finally

The long-awaited Deadwood film has begun filming, yes this is actually happening. The film has been gestating for years, with fans hoping to finally get closure on the HBO series of the same name. The

Deadwood’s W Earl Brown Goes Crazy For The Movie Script — Calls It Gut-Wrenching

For those unaware of the TV show Deadwood, you might be wondering why there is any fuss at all for this upcoming Deadwood movie. Let's just say, you need to go watch HBO's Deadwood TV

Deadwood Movie Could Shoot This Fall

At long last, some progress is finally being made on the Deadwood movie. The popular HBO Western series ran for three seasons from 2004- 2006. While the show didn't leave fans hanging in a big

Deadwood Revival Movie May Finally Start Production In Fall 2018

Before Westworld, HBO had Deadwood, a true western without all the science fiction elements of their current hit. The show ran three seasons, starting in 2004, before ending in 2006. Since 2006, Deadwood fans have