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BGRtP Is Our Name & Reviewing Dolemite Is Our Muthaf*ckin’ Game | Breaking Geek Radio: The Podcast

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Dolemite Is My Name Review: Eddie Murphy Lights Up The Screen In Best Performance In Years | Beyond Fest 2019

In Dolemite is My Name, Eddie Murphy shows that he is back! Playing Rudy Ray Moore, the creator and star of the blaxploitation classic Dolemite, Murphy gives his best performance in years and reminds viewers

Dolemite Is My Name: Eddie Murphy’s New Take On Legendary Blaxploitation Actor

Film lovers know that the blaxploitation genre played an integral role in Hollywood history. In a world where the majority of the business was white, these films not only starred African-Americans in lead and supporting

Eddie Murphy Starring As Rudy Ray Moore In Netflix Biopic

Ten years of fighting for a role has finally paid off for one of Hollywood’s legendary leading men and revolutionary comedians, thanks to the forces at Netflix. Eddie Murphy will be starring in the streaming