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RUMOR: Disney Developing Live-Action Dragon Ball Movie With Asian Cast

Hollywood is littered with the bodies of failed anime adaptations. While we do have a Speed Racer here and an Edge of Tomorrow There (I’m counting it, even though it was a light novel), for

Michael B. Jordan On Why Killmonger’s Costume Resembled Vegeta’s, Collaborates With Coach On Naruto-Inspired Clothing Line

What do you call a Vegeta Killmonger fusion? Vegemonger? Killgeta? The world may never know. What we do know is that Michael B. Jordan is aware of the resemblance between the costume Killmonger donned in

Top 5 2000s Anime Openings And Themes

Continuing with last week's post I will break down what I personally think are the best anime openings of each decade. With anime having wide appeal and many different genres the choices are vast and are

Top 5 90s Anime Theme Songs

Anime has a long and complex history in America that has come in waves. Cartoon Network's Toonami kickstarted an anime wave in 1998 when they added Dragon Ball Z to a revamped lineup. Between Cartoon Network/ Adult