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Gaming Subscription Services Are A Bad Idea & Star Wars Talk | Daily COG

Gaming Subscription Services Are A Bad Idea & Star Wars Talk | Daily COG Not much new news (heh.), but we can talk Star Wars and gaming any day of the week! We know you

Told You So… Sony Explains Why AAA Titles On A Subscription Service Is A Bad Idea

Sony comments on subscription services gaming and the effect on first-party titles. Can a subscription service (Game Pass or PlayStation Plus) provide enough revenue to maintain current games' quality and turnaround time? That is the

Sony’s Game Pass “Competitor” Officially Announced- PlayStation Plus, But New… And Better For You Than GP

Before we get into how Microsoft's Game Pass is bad for consumers, and game studios in general, let's start this out with the official news from Sony about their Game Pass competitor service. Sony's PlayStation

Something From The Mandalorian Is Coming To Xbox Game Pass [UPDATED]

[UPDATE] Well, I was right, The Mandalorian is coming to Xbox Game Pass. As I suspected, in the form of a some free Disney+. Check out the official post below [embed]https://twitter.com/xboxgamepass/status/1325849610737209344?s=21[/embed] Original Story Below The

Xbox And PlayStation Are Fighting Different Wars – Friday Free Talk

The next-gen console war is about to kick into action. However, Xbox and PlayStation are fighting different wars. Which strategy is going to be most effective? Welcome to Friday Free Talk, if you are wondering

Why Xbox Game Pass Won’t Come To iOS And It Sucks

Earlier this week Xbox announced their new xCloud upgrade for Game Pass would drop in September, for Android. Now we know why Xbox Game Pass won't come to iOS, Apple won't allow it. Apple made

Xbox Game Pass xCloud Upgrade Gets A Release Date

The Xbox Game Pass xCloud upgrade gets a release date! September, 15th will see this free upgrade drop to all current Game Pass subscribers. What is xCloud you ask? Project xCloud is essentially allowing Game

Is Xbox Game Pass The Future Of Gaming? | What This Fan Wants From…

This week saw Xbox unveil some of their first-party games for the Xbox Series X. While the show itself was average, the narrative following it was the future of Xbox Game Pass. This week I'm