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Dave Bautista Announces Himself As Playable Character In Gears Of War 5

Well, I guess you know when you have made it big. Not only is Dave Bautista playing a role in Xbox exclusive Gears of War 5, he is actually playing himself. I'm going to guess

Gears Of War: Film To Be ‘Great Movie First And A Gears Of War Movie Second’

While we've had several good college tries over the past few years when it comes to video game movies, we still haven't had a straight-up hit. In a world where Detective Pikachu has hit theaters,

Gears Of War Movie Lands Screenwriter In F. Scott Frazier

Gears of War is a popular series of third-person shooter video games on the Xbox platform. The series began back in 2006 on Xbox 360 and has since spawned many sequels leading to the most

Dave Bautista Pursuing Gears Of War Movie

Oh, video game movies. If you've been following my work here for some time, you know that I've always been hopeful that we'll eventually get that video game adaptation that would launch the gold rush