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Good Boys Boasts Successful Opening Weekend

These days, it isn’t too often that we get low-to-mid-budget comedies in theaters, and when they do, a lot of them tend to fall pretty short of expectations. This is often due to either poor

Good Boys Review: Dirty Jokes Equal Big Laughs

The new comedy Good Boys is a veritable pint-sized Superbad. Concerning sixth graders rather than high school seniors, it is still about a group of boys on a mission involving a party and is filled

Good Boys Clips Give You A Heavy Dose Of Foul-Mouthed Funnies

Teen sex comedies aren’t anything new. But what if we take that same sex, drugs, and bad language formula and bring it to a bunch of tweens? Yeah, I guess South Park did it first,

Comedy Trailers: Stuber Red Band And Good Boys Green Band

It's Monday. We're back in the salt mines that are our daily jobs, and we're all sad to see the weekend gone. What better way to have a pick-me-up than to see a couple of

Good Boys Red Band Trailer: Superbad With Younger Kids (But Not FOR Younger Kids)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rF1F9dIbNqM Ever wonder about how some kids are able to say and do horrible things in movies but technically aren't really allowed to watch them? Yeah, you're not alone. Producer Seth Rogen and his new