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DC Executive And Comic Book Artist Jim Lee Creates A Gorgeous Drawing Of Robert Pattinson’s Batman

After overcoming more obstacles than any other film in recent memory, the filming of Matt Reeves' The Batman is nearly complete. This time around the Dark Knight will be played by Robert Pattinson, or Battinson

Jim Lee & The Hollywood Reporter – What He Said & What He Didn’t Say

  Jim Lee is a very smart guy. There is no question about that. Educated at Princeton University, Lee obtained his undergraduate degree in psychology in anticipation of going to medical school. A lifelong comic

DC To Retire Vertigo Imprint Ahead Of New Labeling Strategy

[caption id="attachment_139496" align="alignnone" width="1024"] DC Comics' Publishers Panel at WonderCon 2019 hosted by Dan DiDio and Jim Lee[/caption] Lot's of things going on at DC Comics and let's hope that in the long run it's

Comic-Con 50 Souvenir Book Features An Amazing Collection Of Comic Book Characters

San Diego Comic-Con is less than a month away! The annual pop culture convention that brings together thousands of people from around the world will be celebrating it's 50th year so it's being known officially

DC Comics To Launch New Imprint: New Justice With A Lot Of Surprises, Including Darkseid | WonderCon 2018

Without a doubt, DC Comics is doing a fantastic job with their books. Their fall event Dark Nights: Metal will be wrapping up this week with issue number six. As most comic book fans know,