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RUMOR: Harley Quinn/Joker Movie Still In Development, But Will Jared Leto Return?

A couple of years back, Warner Bros. seemed to be going completely nuts with “development fever.” They seemed to be developing projects for every secondary character known to man (okay, that’s an exaggeration, but you

Every DC Movie In The Works

  Welcome to a comprehensive list of the DC Extended Universe, no wait, World’s of DC, no… uh… Let’s just call this list Every DC Movie In The Works. We will be looking at everything

Margot Robbie Developing Harley Quinn Movies SEPARATE From The Others We’ve Heard Of

The DC Universe of films is a confusing beast. Leadership seems to really be floundering and reaching around for whatever potential idea they can bank on. This may explain the fact that we have three

Joker & Harley Quinn: Margot Robbie Praises The Writing And Directing Duo

There are many films involving the Joker and Harley Quinn on DC's docket, it is just hard to determine which are being pursued with urgency and which are on the back-burner. Suicide Squad 2, which