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Christopher C. Cowan Talks My Hero Academia, The King’s Man & More | Breaking Geek Radio: The Podcast

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How Kingsman: The Golden Circle Screwed Over Female Fans

In April of this year, I was waiting with bated breath for the first proper trailer for Kingsman: The Golden Circle, the highly anticipated follow-up to a movie that I absolutely fell in love with,

This Weekend A Close Call Between IT, American Made, & Kingsman 2

  This past weekend saw the wide release of the Tom Cruise flick American Made and the ‘90s rebooted film, Flatliners. In the top spot by a narrow margin is IT with $17.3 million. After getting

Why Channing Tatum’s Role Was Reduced In Kingsman: The Golden Circle

SPOILERS ahead for Kingsman: The Golden Circle. You've been warned! If you went into Kingsman: The Golden Circle expecting to see Eggsy (Taron Egerton) fight alongside Channing Tatum's Agent Tequila, then you were obviously left

Taron Egerton Wants Dwayne Johnson To Join The Kingsman Franchise

  Is there anything that isn’t made better by The Rock? I mean come on, the guy is like bacon. He is one of the few genre crossing entertainers that I will accept as an

Kingsman 2 Director Matthew Vaughn Wasn’t Happy That Colin Firth Was Revealed In The Trailers

Kingsman is back and it brought Colin Firth's Harry Hart back from the dead with it. Not exactly a spoiler. In fact, not a spoiler at all, as Firth was teased from the film's first

Kingsman: The Golden Circle Tops IT At The Box Office, LEGO Ninjago Disappoints

This past weekend saw the wide release of the action-spy flick Kingsman: The Golden Circle, the animated film, The LEGO Ninjago Movie, and the horror film Friend Request. The Boston Marathon bombing drama Stronger also

How Kingsman 2 Sets Up Kingsman 3 [SPOILERS]

Disclaimer: This post contains massive spoilers for Kingsman: The Golden Circle. Earlier this week, we reported on a statement from Kingsman director Matthew Vaughn. To the surprise of exactly no one, he said they had

Kingsman 2: Colin Firth’s Character Wasn’t Originally Supposed To Return

Kingsman: The Golden Circle is officially released nationwide today. The original film, Kingsman: The Secret Service, starred Colin Firth and Taron Egerton, and brought a fresh take on the spy genre. At the end of the first film,

Kingsman: The Golden Circle Review – The Film Retains The Fun Of The Original, But Loses Something Else Along The Way

2014’s Kingsman: The Secret Service is a film that will forever stand as the biggest surprise of its year. Upon checking out the trailers for the movie, it came across to me as some cheesy