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Mortal Kombat Legends: Snow Blind Ready For October Release

Mortal Kombat Legends: Snow Blind is ready to be released this coming October. This is the third installment of the animated films inspired by the worldwide best-selling video game franchise. Originally developed by Midway Games,

Mortal Kombat Ready For Round Two With Simon McQuoid Returning To Direct

Round Two! After the surprising success of Mortal Kombat last year, New Line is ready for a sequel according to Deadline. They are told that Simon McQuoid is set to return to direct the next

Check Out This Mortal Kombat ‘Fight Koreography’ Featurette

While the Mortal Kombat film hit on several levels, it missed on just as many, if not more. I enjoyed parts of the film while other elements had me shaking my head. The film did

Mortal Kombat And Falcon And Winter Soldier Season Review | Breaking Geek Radio: The Podcast

The Triforce of Geekdom is back, and Tanya returns to discuss her passion Mortal Kombat with Nick (@geekyNICKDOLL) and Jonesy (@sirJonesiest)! Jammer (@jamthewriter) and Danny (@dannykbartlett) are still on the show as well, where we

Mortal Kombat: Director Simon McQuoid Talks Sub-Zero’s Return

I was overconfident. Taken in by the trailers for the film. While I was entertained and more or less enjoyed the new Mortal Kombat film I have to say it wasn't a very good film. The

Oscars Have Rough Landing And Why Snub Popular Films? Also, Spoiler Talk On Mortal Kombat | LRMornings

Oscars Have Rough Landing And Why Snub Popular Films? Also, Spoiler Talk On Mortal Kombat | LRMornings https://youtu.be/uH9YdFewp9g Listen And Subscribe On: Apple Podcasts |Spotify |SoundCloud | Stitcher | Google Play Start your day geek with LRMornings. LRM‘s

Joe Taslim On His Ice Cold Role As Sub Zero In Mortal Kombat [Exclusive Interview]

The wait is finally over! Today is the release of the highly anticipated reboot of the Mortal Kombat franchise on the big screen. Since 1992 the classic fighting video game from Midway has been entertaining

Mortal Kombat Director Simon McQuoid On Reintroducing Mortal Kombat [Exclusive Interview]

Video game films are always tricky to turn into both feature films or television series. Of course with the popularity of the games, it is no surprise that studios want to grow franchises. This is

Mortal Kombat Review – Inkonsistent but Konfident

Mortal Kombat is the video game adaptation about an impending tournament that will decide the fate of the world: the Earthrealm is in danger of being invaded by Outworld unless they can win the next

Sub-Zero vs Scorpion – The First Seven Minutes Of Mortal Kombat

We've seen some great video game rivalries over the years. Ken and Ryu, Mario and Bowser. However, none more biter than Sub-Zero and Scorpion. Their conflict goes much deeper than being members of opposing ninja