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Moviepass’ Parent Company Files Bankruptcy

I’ll admit it. This is a bit disappointing for me. Back when MoviePass started its $9.95 a month deal, I had hoped for the best. I had hoped the economics would somehow work itself out

MoviePass Is Dead, But Former Chairman Wants To Rebuild, Blames Customers For Company’s Failure

MoviePass. There’s a name with a lot of weight to it. It may not be positive weight, but it’s weight nonetheless. A couple of years ago, the company made a huge splash when it opened

MoviePass Reportedly Changed Some Users’ Passwords So They Couldn’t Use The Service

Holy unethical business practices, Batman! Yes, we all know the story of MoviePass. It was a service that allowed its users to see unlimited movies a month — so long as each screening is 24

MoviePass Suspends Service To Improve App

The theater subscription service MoviePass has suspended operations while they finish up improvements on their app. The news comes in the wake of Regal Cinemas plans to unveil thehir own monthly subscription service, which you

MoviePass Revives ‘Uncapped’ Plan…Will It Work This Time?

Remember back when MoviePass allowed its subscribers to see one movie every 24 hours or so for $9.95 a month? Yeah, it was a great idea in theory -- one that you'd almost be stupid

MoviePass Is Baaaack, And This Time With New Pricing Options

Did you already ring the death toll bell for MoviePass back in 2018? Did you really think a service like their wouldn't retreat into a shameful grave until after they put up a violent and

Bruce Willis And Movie Pass agree to 3 picture deal

Veteran actor Bruce Willis has agreed to a three picture deal with theater subscription service company MoviePass. Willis has an extensive history working with MoviePass executives Randall Emmett and George Furla. The first film will

MoviePass: New Pricing Plans Revealed, And The Goal To Win Back Trust

MoviePass has a lot of work to do. It may have seemed like a promising idea when it was first revealed its subscribers could see unlimited films in theaters for $9.95 a month, but in

How Much Audiences Are Willing To Pay For Movie Subscriptions According To New Survey

MoviePass may currently be going down in a violent and brutal blaze of glory, but the idea they had from the start wasn't a bad one: give audiences an affordable alternative to buying tickets one-by-one

MoviePass Being Spun Off Into Its Own Publicly-Traded Entity

We have some more MoviePass news for you folks, and unlike all the news for the past several months, it's not morbidly depressing news -- at least not on the surface. According to a new