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Natalie Morales and Mark Duplass On Shooting Their Feature Film Language Lessons Via Zoom [Exclusive Interview]

It’s getting a little redundant to say that the last year and a half has been challenging… Yet here I am saying it again. Filmmakers have had to work outside and be very creative to

Language Lessons Trailer Shows Spanish Sessions Lead to Long-Distance Friendship

Thanks to the Internet—people can now communicate with anyone worldwide. Long-distance friendships can prosper and connect with the simple click of a button on a screen. With the indie film Language Lessons, the comedy explores

Natalie Morales Makes Her Directorial Debut In The Hulu Original Film Plan B

Oh the magic of those first years of sexual exploration for the teenage body. Between the hormones and the pressures of peers at school, sometimes mistakes can happen. Mistakes that could include sexually transmitted diseases

Natalie Morales Joins Warner Bros. The Little Things

Florida native star Natatlie Morales has been busy working on such films like Fox's Stuber alongside star Kumail Nanjiani as well as Fox Searchlight's Golden Globe nominated Battle of the Sexes along with Emma Stone