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Marvel, Star Trek, Space Jam, New Gods And Falcon & Winter Soldier | Breaking Geek Radio: The Podcast

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New Gods And The Trench Films Cancelled By DC

New Gods and The Trench are two DC projects that are no longer moving forward, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Tis a long tradition at DC, with more than half the movies that they have

New Gods Director Ava DuVernay Reveals Another DC Character For Her Film

If there is one film I wish they would hurry up with it's Ava DuVernay's New Gods. It features some DC classic characters created by the legendary Jack Kirby in the '70s when he was

New Gods: Director Ava DuVernay May Take Fan Casting Choices Into Consideration

Fans are opinionated people. And we should be. Oftentimes, we tend to love a property that’s being adapted into a film even more than those shepherding it to the big screen. We’ve been following these

The New Gods Film Has A Writer, Is Han Rey’s Daddy, And Kyle Didn’t See Batman Begins | LRMornings

Start your day geek with LRMornings. The new daily morning show with Kyle and Jammer. In today's episode, they discuss Tom King writing for the New God's movie, Who is NOT the father of Rey,

Eisner Award Winning Writer Tom King To Co-Write New Gods Screenplay With Ava Duvernay

I am a big fan of Jack Kirby's New Gods from DC that he created back in 1971 that featured two opposing planets, New Genesis, ruled by Highfather and Apokolips, ruled by Darkseid. Sometime ago

Reign Of The Supermen Review And More | DC Weekly

Between Fox's Gotham, the Arrowverse on the CW and now the DC Universe streaming service DC Comics fans have a lot to watch these days. Starting next week we will have Gotham, Arrow, The Flash,

Villains For Warner Bros. New Gods Film Revealed

In the early 1970 legendary comic book creator Jack Kirby had a falling out with Marvel Comics which compelled him to move to DC Comics and create The Fourth World giving birth to The New

Filmmaker Ava DuVernay Teases New Gods On Her Twitter Account

Filmmaker Ava DuVernay has been hard at work throughout the last few years sitting in the director’s chair. After critically-acclaimed pieces of art like Selma and the Netflix documentary 13th, DuVernay jumped head first into writing and directing

Every DC Movie In The Works

  Welcome to a comprehensive list of the DC Extended Universe, no wait, World’s of DC, no… uh… Let’s just call this list Every DC Movie In The Works. We will be looking at everything