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Wonder Woman 3 Not Happening As DC Films Heads In A Different Direction With New Bosses

The new DC Films era has claimed its first casualty in Wonder Woman. According to multiple sources from The Hollywood Reporter, Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman 3 is not moving forward and is considered "dead" in

Rogue Squadron Has Been A Unique Experience For Patty Jenkins

The announcement of Star Wars: Rogue Squadron last year was one of the biggest highlights in the film industry.  With Patty Jenkins making the announcement while suited up walking to an X-Wing it brought excitement

Patty Jenkins Names The Superheroes She Would Like To Direct

Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins recently engaged with a fan on Twitter and revealed what other superheroes she would like to direct.  The choices she put forth came as no surprise as they are some

Patty Jenkins Talks The Pressure Of Directing A Star Wars Film

When I heard that Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins would be directing the Rogue Squadron film, I said to myself, "Yes, yes. Yes, excellent choice." Jenkins has more than proven she can handle big-name franchises,

Patty Jenkins’ Harsh Comments About Joss Whedon’s Justice League

Justice League is a film that has stayed relevant for the wrong reasons. We have gone over the story time and time again about how Joss Whedon had to come in when Zack Snyder had

Reports Of Patty Jenkins And Gal Gadot Getting PAID MILLIONS To Support HBO Max Deal

The fallout from the Warner Bros. film bombshell continues. Last week Warner Bros. made the insane decision to release all of their films scheduled for 2021 on HBO Max. Films like Dune and Godzilla Vs.

Filmmaker Patty Jenkins Signs Deal With Netflix

Patty Jenkins is the latest filmmaker to join the Netflix roster. The director of Wonder Woman and executive producer of I Am The Night has signed a three-year deal to create, develop, and produce new

Wonder Woman 1984 Director Says She Regrets Moving The Release Date To 2020

Wonder Woman was WB and DC's first critically successful film in their shared universe. It was also universally praised by audiences for a multitude of reasons and considered an important moment for females and representation

What Are The Chances Of A Lynda Carter Role In Wonder Woman 2?

Lynda Carter became one of Hollywood's first successful TV superheroes when she starred in ABC's and CBS' Wonder Woman (1975-1979). And though her career spans more than 40 years and 43 credits, she remains most-associated

Zack Snyder Comments On Wonder Woman

Screenrant is reporting on comments made by Zack Snyder about Wonder Woman and how it relates to Batman v. Superman. Receiving an early copy of the new book Wonder Woman: The Art And Making Of