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The Next Chapter Of Planet Of The Apes To Begin Production Next Month

The next chapter of the Planet of The Apes franchise is getting set to start production next month according to Walt Disney Studios. The film is titled Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes from

Worried The New Planet Of The Apes Movie Will Ruin The Prequel Trilogy? Don’t Be

Scared the new Planet of the Apes film will ruin the prequel legacy? Read on! No one is ever confident whenever there’s a prequel series of films announced. Hell, I’m never confident whenever that happens. My

Planet Of The Apes Will NOT Be A Reboot: ‘Caesar’s Legacy Will Continue’

The Planet of the Apes is a legendary sci-fi franchise. Sure, there may have been one too many sequels back in the day, but that didn’t stop it from being a beloved piece of cinematic

Planet Of The Apes To Be Rebooted Again

I don't mind the idea of remakes or reboots. Yes, sometimes they appear to be nothing more than a lazy cash grab, but if done correctly they can continue a franchise's legacy and sometimes even

New Planet Of The Apes Movie Coming From Maze Runner Director

I remember several years back when it was revealed that we’d be getting a prequel film to the classic science-fiction franchise Planet of the Apes. Later on, we found out that film would feature James