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Candy Cane Lane | Anjelah Johnson-Reyes Reflects on Meeting Eddie Murphy and Christmas

Candy Cane Lane is certainly a Christmas miracle for Amazon MGM Studios. In the first three days since its release last Friday, the film premiered as the most-watched studio worldwide on Prime Video. Funny woman

Coach Prime Season 2 Review- Prime Time Goes To Colorado

Coach Prime Season 2 is an unprecedented dive into the heart of Deion "Coach Prime" Sanders' football program at the University of Colorado Boulder. This six-episode docuseries delivers an immersive experience that takes fans inside

Alan Ritchson Announces Filming of S3 of Reacher at CCXP 2023

With the second season of Reacher around the corner, Amazon Studios surprised the audiences of Brazil’s CCXP 2023 with a special video announcement of actor Alan Ritchson about the second season's streaming date. Also, he

First Teaser Trailer of Apocalyptic Series Fallout on Prime Video | CCXP 2023

In one of the most anticipated video game adaptations to screen, Fallout is a very ambitious project full of lore, monsters, and a post-nuclear setting. Based on a best-selling video game franchise, Prime Video debuted

Elyfer Torres Shares Her Personal Training For Give Me Your Eyes | Exclusive

The Mexican actress Elyfer Torres challenges herself playing a visually impaired role in Give Me Your Eyes. A story about survival because of someone else's greediness. The narrative was written by Julie Auerbach  and Kevin

Upload S3 | Tom Marshall On Directing The Series As a Fan of the Show

The best directors for a series are the ones who are considered fans of the show. Director Tom Marshall got to direct two episodes of the Prime Video series Upload in its third season. He

Roger Ross Williams Discussed Mother And Son Relationship In Cassandro | Exclusive

Roger Ross Williams takes us back to the 80s-90s era of lucha libre in Cassandro. With the story of Saúl Armendáriz and how he became a favorite Exótico in the Lucha Libre world. Portrayed by

Prime Video’s Awareness Trailer Has Teen with Mind Projection Powers on the Run

The Spanish film Awareness heads to Prime Video next month with anticipation of a mysterious villains on the hunt for a teen boy with superpowers. Directed by Daniel Benmayor (Xtremo, Tracers), Awareness stars Carlos Scholz

Harlan Coben’s Shelter | Exclusive Clip

The unexpected friendship is what makes Harlan Coben's Shelter viewers want to watch more. While the mystery and crime gives it a bonus. Maintaining that original Harlan Coben touch working with Prime Video for the

Cassandro Trailer Follows The Real-Life Luchador Who Brought Exotico to Light

Mexican has a long history with luchadors in the wrestling business. In this Mexican wrestling world, exotico (luchador performing in drag) also mark as a big part of the professional wrestling circuit. In the upcoming