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More Prison Break And 24 In The Works At Fox, X-Files Not Returning

The X-Files, which recently concluded its eleventh season, will not be returning for a twelfth. Michael Thorn, president of Fox Entertainment revealed the network has no plans to continue the show. I have quite enjoyed

A New Iteration Of Prison Break In The Works At Fox

Oh, goody, another version of Prison Break. If there are two series it seems that Fox can’t keep trying to milk, it’s 24 and Prison Break. Following its main run, 24 got a limited series

Prison Break: Michael’s Plan Revealed

It all comes down to this, the Season Finale of Prison Break! How will Michael defeat Poseidon? Will all of the team members survive?  Will it in on a cliffhanger opening the door for a

Prison Break: Like Father Like Son

Prison Break has just two episodes left.  Will Michael and the team actively pursue Poseidon in order to take him down?  Will viewers find out what exactly Poseidon really wants? Read on to find out: Michael

24: Legacy & Prison Break Wont Be Returning Any Time Soon

The bigwigs at FOX announced today that there are currently no plans to produce more of their revived shows, Prison Break and 24: Legacy. Prison Break has experienced mediocre ratings on live viewings but has