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Stallone Gives Some Detail On Rambo 5, But Is There any Life Left In This Old Wardog?

*Warning! This article contains a fair level of SPOILERS for Rambo 5's plot and premise.* ... .. . I was a huge fan of Rambo growing up, and I do mean growing up, because it's

Sylvester Stallone Shares New Image From Rambo 5

If you’re not following Sylvester Stallone on Instagram, you might not have read this in a recent post. “Every few days until the MOVIE comes out I’m going to post images from the upcoming RAMBO

Rambo V Has Wrapped Production

Just a week ago, Sylvester Stallone posted a video on his Instagram account from the set of Creed II. The clip, taken on the last day of production, featured Stallone talking about the ride it has

Rambo 5 Called Rambo 5: Last Blood

  Sylvester Stallone likes going back to the well a lot. There are plenty of filmmakers out there who dare not besmirch their creative vision with a sequel -- that filmmaker is not Stallone. As

Stallone Posts First Images Of Himself In Rambo 5 And He Looks Like A Cowboy

The Rambo movies, overall I guess they are not particularly great movies, save perhaps the first one, yet they represent a fundamental part of my childhood. First Blood and Rambo: First Blood Part 2 were

Creed 2 Poster Hits, Rambo 5 To Shoot In September

Today, we had two separate pieces of news drop for two completely separate Sylvester Stallone projects, so why not share them in the same piece? Welcome to Sly's Corner! First up, we have Creed II

Stallone Shares First Image For Rambo V

Yesterday we reported that Sylvester Stallone would be back for a fifth installment of the Rambo franchise. Well now through Stallone's Instagram account we have our first teaser poster as well as a title. Check