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Andor Details Tease A Dark And Intense Adventure In New Vanity Fair Article

New Andor Details from Vanity Fair tease a dark and intense adventure coming to Disney+ When Disney started pumping out Star Wars movies yearly, many fans were excited. However, the quality of Disney's 5 Star Wars movies

Will These Rogue One Characters Show Up In The Bad Batch?

As we head into the second half of the first season of The Bad Batch we are left with more questions than answers? Taking place right after Order 66 the common theme from every episode is that

Alan Tudyk Confirms He Will Return As K-2SO In Cassian Andor Series To Air On Disney+

As most of you are already well aware of, the second-ever live-action Star Wars television series is on its way. From what I understand the series will bring us some espionage from a galaxy far,

New Box Matching Art For Star Wars Blu-ray Individual Releases Appear Online

Pre-orders for Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment’s individual releases of the Star Wars saga on Blu-ray have started and they give us a first look at the new matching artwork on the box sets for

Spoilers: Gareth Edwards Discusses Deleted ROGUE ONE Scenes

Slashfilm recently sat down with Gareth Edwards, who was at SXSW to give a keynote speech, and spoke with him about the reshoots that occurred during the filming of the first Star Wars spin off