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So Jackie Chan WASN’T Teasing Rush Hour 4?

Well, color me confused. As we reported yesterday, there was a recent picture of Rush Hour stars Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker that surfaced online. The photo showed the two actors holding up the number

Jackie Chan, Chris Tucker Tease Rush Hour 4

Oh, man. It's been a hot minute since Rush Hour 3 hit theaters way back in the mid-2000s. As a fan of the first two movies, I have to say, I was supremely disappointed in

Chris Tucker Says Rush Hour 4 Is Happening

Everyone remain calm. We know how upsetting the past decade or so has been without a Rush Hour film. For years, both Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker have expressed their interest in coming back to

Rush Hour 4 Confirmed By Jackie Chan

If you’ve been sitting around for the past decade hoping that Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker would eventually return to the world of Rush Hour, you may be in luck. Speaking with The San Francisco